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Environmental Policy

DECOEXSA is keenly aware of the importance of preserving and respecting the environment. So it conducts its activities in a way that minimises the negative environmental impacts associated with its processes, facilities, and services.

That is why DECOEXSA implements and promotes the following basic principles, which constitute our environmental policy:

1. Consider the environmental variable in the planning and development of our activities and those of our business partners.

2. Develop and implement an environmental management system to ensure the complete integration of all environmental aspects into DECOEXSA’s Integrated System.

3. Ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory environmental requirements applicable to our activities, as well as other protocols and standards to which DECOEXSA voluntarily adheres. Strive to prevent pollution and minimise as far as possible the potential environmental impact generated by DECOEXSA.

4. Pursue a more sustainable business model, constantly evaluating consumption levels and waste management processes, to control their impact on our surroundings and the environment.

5. Promote environmental awareness among our staff, suppliers, and society in general.

Quality Policy

DECOEXSA implements and promotes the following basic principles throughout all our activities:

1. Principles of honesty and good business practices

We are seeking continuity in the market and long-lasting relations with our Customers, delivering solutions in a world of sometimes difficult relationships. From this perspective, we do the right and honourable thing when it comes to market rules.

2. Personal service

“Treat each Customer like one of us.” This is not a slogan. It’s a way of understanding our business, a perspective that guarantees the best results for both them and us.

3. Market focus

Our local perspective in each branch and our networked approach to business allows us to keep an ear to the ground and understand the daily reality of transport and distribution in the real market so that we can constantly adapt.

4. Constant adaptation

The world keeps turning, and we know that all too well. It keeps moving forward. Presenting us with constant changes in our technical relations and procedures, in commercial legislation and in optimisation processes. So we move with the times and adapt accordingly.

5. Trained and specialised staff

DECOEXSA is first and foremost a group of people who are pursuing a common goal. A project that depends on each and every one of us. Therefore, we focus on training, specialisation, and satisfaction to make sure we always have what it takes.

6. Service specialisation and globalisation

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. Their logistics needs become ours, and we deliver fully tailored solutions. In order to meet these needs, we have specialised in certain sectors (food, pharmacy, chemicals, etc.) complying with safety standards that guarantee the correct handling, transport, and storage of these products. Our methods and procedures are fully endorsed by accredited bodies through the relevant Certifications.

DECOEXSA aims to offer the market global solutions as a logistics operator, generating Customer loyalty and trust, which is how we set ourselves apart from the competition.

7. Legislation, Regulations, Protocols, Management Systems

DECOEXSA is committed to complying with all applicable legal requirements, as well as improving the effectiveness of its Management System based on Quality, Health and Safety, and Environmental Standards, etc.

8. Management Systems

We are always striving to optimise our processes with a view to standardising work systems, streamlining administrative tasks and minimising errors, in order to guarantee our Customers optimal development and a better service. This is achieved by adapting our technological resources along with our information and organisational systems.

Health and Safety Policy in the Workplace

DECOEXSA understands the fundamental importance of all aspects related to the health and safety of workers. And so, it has developed a health and safety policy with a view primarily to ensuring a safe working environment.

To achieve this aim, DECOEXSA implements and promotes the following basic principles:

1. Respect the health and safety pledges made by DECOEXSA:

  • The safety of workers always comes first. All accidents must be avoided, and the necessary resources must be allocated for this.
  • The safety and health of workers is one of the permanent, core objectives of DECOEXSA.
  • Health and Safety is a basic requirement for achieving quality. A job well done will only be considered as such when it is done in the proper safety conditions.
  • Continuous improvement in all areas of health and safety management is crucial to the future of DECOEXSA.

2. Develop and implement a health and safety management system to ensure the full integration of health and safety criteria in all DECOEXSA’s management systems. This system should include:

  • Proper identification, evaluation and effective control of the risks associated with work.
  • Making sure all employees are suited to and fit for their jobs by carrying out health checks and training.
  • The integration of health and safety criteria in all phases of the operational process, in all working methods and in all decisions, so that executives, technicians, managers and workers all take responsibility in this matter.

3. Guarantee compliance with legal and labour requirements, as well as DECOEXSA’s own internal health and safety regulations.

4. Require contractors to comply with the safety standards established by DECOEXSA and get them involves in the health and safety culture implemented.

5. Encourage the participation of all workers in the promotion of health and safety, cooperating with DECOEXSA to increase safety standards.

6. Promote a culture of health and safety through:

a) The continuing professional training and development of employees, in order to involve each worker and to educate them about the impact of their work on the safety of people, processes, and facilities.

  • Promoting behaviour that respects the health and safety of workers.
  • Implementing a participatory model of health and safety, based on the right of workers to participate actively in everything that may affect their health at work, to take the necessary actions for their protection.
  • DECOEXSA, as part of its ongoing commitment to protect health and safety at work, prohibits the use of alcohol and drugs by its employees and suppliers, since it affects people’s ability to carry out their responsibilities in perfect physical and mental conditions.

Safety and Protection Policy

DECOEXSA understands the fundamental importance of all aspects related to safety, in terms of its facilities, goods, and its workers, and so it establishes:

1. The implementation of safety mechanisms that guarantee the integrity of workers, information, facilities, and goods, by means of:

  • Access control systems for external personnel to DECOEXSA facilities.
  • Surveillance systems: cameras, security personnel, etc.
  • Anti-intruder alarm systems
  • Control systems and surveillance of goods: visual inspection, etc.
  • Information and data security systems: contingency plans
  • Transport safety systems: establishment of protocols and guidelines for carriers.

2. Prevent possible accidents and damage to facilities, personnel, and goods, emphasising that safety is everyone’s responsibility.



Challenge the present without compromising the future

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

DECOEXSA endorses René Dubos’ maxim to “Think globally, act locally” and therefore integrates corporate social responsibility into our Policy.
It is another concept through which we integrate our social, environmental, ethical, and economic concerns both in our activity and in our interactions with other parties, voluntarily and based on the basic premise of respect for the law.
DECOEXSA understands and accepts that CSR integrates both the rights and duties of the company in relation to civil society.
Therefore, it decides to act as:

a) A responsible company with our employees and shareholders: we will encourage both diversity (disabled, …) and professional equality between men-women and vice versa in our HR policy. We will identify and retain talent among our employees in order to enable professional development in a motivating work environment. In our relationship with shareholders, we will base our economic viability in accordance with social interest, maximising our long-term business value with the common interest of all our shareholders.

b) Ideal partner so that Customers can grow in a lasting way: we will promote fluid and permanent communication with Customers with the intention of improving the service offered and being able to deliver the required service.

c) Include suppliers and collaborators in our CSR: our contractual relationship must be based on ethics and mutual respect. In addition, one of the fundamental pillars will be our commitment to meet the agreed payment deadlines and to maintain a relationship of trust versus loyalty.

d) Act for the good of the environment: contribute to sustainable development through the rational use of natural and energy resources.

e) Good commercial practices: we will avoid spreading malicious information about competitors. When searching for commercial information, we will not violate any ethical and legal rules that could protect it.

DECOEXSA collaborates with the NGO Txingudi Vida

DECOEXSA’s Policy of Good Practices and Ethics

DECOEXSA endorses “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.” (Potter Stewart) and therefore considers that the business and professional behaviour of the people who are part of our organisation must be based on a series of principles.

These basic principles make up the Code of Good Practices and Ethics to which all employees and directors of DECOEXSA must adhere, which is based on the following guidelines of conduct:

1. Ethical integrity:

The business and professional activities of DECOEXSA and all our employees will be based on the value of integrity and will be developed in accordance with the principles of honesty, legislation and ethical practices in force around the world.

2. Responsibility:

DECOEXSA will treat all information from our employees, suppliers and Customers with responsibility and always respecting current legislation. We will also avoid any conflict of interest, establishing policies that prevent and avoid irregular payments, money laundering, situations of corruption, bribery, and will prohibit the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

3. Respect for Human Rights:

DECOEXSA is committed to treating all people with consideration and fairness and will respect, in particular, the basic rights contained in documents such as the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which prohibits the use of child labour and forced labour and recognises workers’ basic labour rights (living wage, social benefits, right to rest, freedom of association, and fair working conditions, among others).

DECOEXSA will prohibit harassment and discrimination in the workplace on the basis of sex, age, race, skin colour, social origin, ethnicity or nationality, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation, and other legal status.

4. Compliance with Antitrust and Free Competition Laws:

DECOEXSA will strictly abide by the laws, regulations, and rules for the defence of free competition as well as all provisions governing commercial practices, monopolies, unfair competition, restrictions on trade and competition, and relations with competitors and Customers.

5. Fight against Corruption

DECOEXSA complies with all laws, rules, and regulations in force in the fight against corruption, including in foreign countries. We will not organise, encourage, or tolerate any form of corruption, bribery, fraud, embezzlement, extortion or other illegal practices such as the provision of payments or other benefits to individuals, companies or administrations with the intention of influencing decision-making, whether or not they violate the laws currently in force.

Procurement Policy and Relations with Suppliers

DECOEXSA establishes, as a strategic objective, the importance of minimising the overall cost of procuring services and equipment, ensuring compliance based on approved operational processes and the fulfilment of requirements defined by the Client.

To this end, supplier selection processes follow criteria of objectivity, impartiality, and equal opportunities, avoiding any favouritism or interference of conflicts of interest in their selection.

In this regard, DECOEXSA implements and promotes the following basic principles of action:

1. Knowing the expectations of the Client as a basic condition to meet their needs and contribute value.

2. Encouraging collaboration with suppliers in the achievement of the annual targets set and improving procurement conditions for the performance of contracted services.

3. Promoting rigorous compliance by suppliers with contractual conditions and current regulations for each type of contracted activity, such as the following:

Air freight (export): Strict compliance with DECOEXSA’s National Air Safety Plan for suppliers involved in any of the phases of the air cargo process.

ADR Road Transport: Application of the ADR agreement in force.

Transport of Chemical Products (SQAS): Compliance with the requirements specified in that standard.

Storage and distribution of food products: Compliance with applicable legislation and the Food Safety Protocol established by DECOEXSA.

4. Strengthening transparency and non-discrimination by establishing an honest professional framework and rigorously applying the DECOEXSA Group Code of Practice and Ethics.

5. Promoting environmental responsibility, valuing the use and development of technological means that are respectful of the environment.

6. Promoting a policy of stable relationships based on the search for continuous improvement and mutual benefit, promoting innovation and development activities.

7. Promoting Safety with carriers through mechanisms to track drivers, as well as monitoring the equipment used.

8. In the case of secondary procurement, compliance with the requirements of the Client and the regulations applicable to each case must be guaranteed

9. Prohibition of alcohol and drug use

Equality Policy

DECOEXSA declares its commitment to the establishment and development of policies that integrate equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, with no discrimination directly or indirectly based on sex, as well as in the promotion of measures to achieve real equality within our organisation, establishing equal opportunities between women and men.

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    • Manage the potential commercial/professional relationship.
    • Respond to queries or send information as requested.

    RIGHTS: Access, rectification, erasure, and data portability, limitation and opposition to its processing, as well as the right not to be the subject of decisions based solely on the automated processing of data, when appropriate.